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Do You Play?

Kidney panting
Home painting


Hi guys,

What do you do for fun?

I mean, ok, you probably work out. Love some kind of sport. That´s great! You rock!

But what do you do, if you want to rest your neurons. What is that activity, that completely relaxes your neurons? That helps you to, forget about everything around you? About all your worries?

You go out with your friends and drink? You dance it out? You have great sex?

Yes, to all of that.

When home alone, with my little kid, we like to paint. It is a great rainy day activity! Time just passes great when we paint our faces, our hands, sometimes the inside of our mouth. Oops, that happens! Sometimes we paint on paper, too. You know, organs. Or, just lines. Me organs, kid lines. Beautiful lines!


So what do you do? What is your therapy? What is your forget about everything activity?


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