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Friday Links

Untitled design (3)

Well, well. Happy Friday. With a big cup of coffee! And a second, third.

All right.

I kind of figured this. I feel impulsive way too often. Thank you, rats!

If you need something colorful on your wall, to see where you are headed: watercolor monograms with a scalpel.

I bought this and this book and can’t wait to get started. Living in a bigger city, than previously, also means, leaving in a smaller apartment. So, basically using less stuff. But, over the months, stuff still kept piling up. This is an affiliate link. But I love this company and their customer service is impeccable.

Now this is sad.

Don’t go to work wearing this tee. Although I am all for wearing stupid shirts and tees to work. A chance to piss off someone, who is pissed by your tees. Ok, too long to explain.

Will you attend a brunch, or make your own at home?


Happy weekend!




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