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Weekend Links

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Well, happy weekend.


Usually, I post these earlier in the day. But, most of my readers are from the opposite part of the world, so it’s ok. I guess.

I found these articles interesting this week:

Women in medicine

Lap.chol news

Breakfast news. Finally. It is not news to me, but finally, people can read this somewhere.


Almost finished reading this book. Yes, started implementing some of the things. I am pretty ruthless when it comes to throwing unnecessary stuff out. But, no, I refuse to throw books out. I like an apartment free of clutter, but love it when it is full of books. I grew up like this. Even if it means storing books on the floor. It actually is pretty cool.

As an avid collector of notebooks, (yes, after the last link, it is insane, that I am mentioning this), most of which are still empty, I found this post pretty cool.

And of course, have to mention, the latest two watercolor prints: spine and femoral. Love how colorful these turned out. Say no to boring walls. Say yes to colorful anatomical wall art.

Cheers and happy weekend.







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