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Intracranial jewelry making: everybody, everyday

I read this book pretty quickly, after purchasing it. I was very curious, and ecpected ALOT from it, after reading about it everywhere on social media, blogs, etc. It is written for creative people, especially (although E. Gilbert states very clearly in the book, that she wrote this book for herself, as all the other… Continue reading Intracranial jewelry making: everybody, everyday

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Book Review Friday: Notes on Atul Gawande

I don´t like lenghty book reviews, because frankly, I don´t have the time nor the patience to read them. I like to know what field they touch, and how likeable they are generally. But that just about sums it. I can´t remember how I discovered A. Gawande, but I did order his books, one at… Continue reading Book Review Friday: Notes on Atul Gawande

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Book review: Zero to one

Zero to one by P. Thiel You can get a copy of the book here: http://www.bookdepository.com/Zero-One-Peter-Thiel-Blake-Masters/9780753555200/?a_aid=medpapersblog   Enjoy the free shipping!   I had higher hopes for this book, after hearing so many great things about it, from other creative enterpreneurs, but it was just the average. It was written by a well known name… Continue reading Book review: Zero to one